Earlier this year, Aubin Group was acquired by global leader in speciality chemicals, Italmatch, strategically strengthening both companies’ capabilities and portfolios across the world.

Known for our expertise in chemical solutions for the oil and gas and renewables sectors, Aubin’s portfolios in the North Sea, USA and in particular, the Middle East, appealed to Italmatch, which has an impressive worldwide presence and specialises in performance additives for the processing and treatment of water, oil and gas, industrial lubricants and plastics.

As the new relationship continues to enhance both of our operations, we spoke with Italmatch’s Sales and Marketing Lead for the Middle East and Africa, Saud Al-Osaimi to explain how the acquisition is specifically benefitting our new and existing customers in the Middle East.

Firstly, can you tell us more about your expertise and your role?

“I’ve been with Italmatch for more than a year now, working as its Sales and Marketing Lead for the Middle East and Africa, and I’m responsible for providing overall leadership and direction to achieve business goals and targets within these regions.

“With more than 18 years of experience within oil and gas speciality chemicals, this new role is incredibly exciting as not only does it encompass my background, but it’s on a larger scale with more responsibility.

“I will be leading market decisions, which vary across each country as chemicals are used differently in each region, but I’ll also be looking to grow our services in these markets, showing how Aubin and Italmatch’s combined capabilities within the oil and gas sector offers significant value to both new and existing customers.

“To do all of this, I’m working closely with the wider Aubin team in these areas. Aubin already has very established links and trusted relationships with customers here, so I’m looking to expand the current offering and alongside Aubin, making bespoke chemical solutions accessible for our customers.”

From your perspective, what does this acquisition mean for Aubin Group?

“This acquisition brought together two highly regarded, established organisations that complement each other, offering customers a fully integrated solution for their problems. Italmatch brings knowledge and expertise within the raw materials and manufacturing side of chemicals and Aubin specialises in formulating the chemical solution to oilfield applications.

“Essentially, we have brought together the two key components within the chemical sector to provide one source for customers, especially in oil and gas and renewables sectors here in the Middle East.

“One of the main synergies between both companies is that we share the same aim, which is to help oil and gas companies solve problems through the use of chemicals. Not only do we have the same mindset, but we are also passionate about developing appropriate chemistry for environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, assisting sustainability strategies and limiting risks in these areas.

“Both Aubin and Italmatch have a long history of being able to tackle oil and gas challenges, but this acquisition actually reduces the overall costs of the solution due to it being fully integrated. Additionally, research and development (R&D) is required to continuously find new and improved ways of working, so by joining, we have increased our R&D capabilities.

“In particular, this synergy will significantly help with the Middle East market. It will help solve oil and gas problems in drilling, stimulation and fracking, as well as oil production. Countries are moving away from globalisation and are focused on localisation to avoid supply chain sustainability risks. The fact both Aubin and Italmatch are now in the Middle East, near to our customers, helps eliminate these risks as unlike other providers, we are able to bring both manufacturing and chemistry formulation under one roof, helping our customers be more sustainable with their operations.”

How does this relationship specifically benefit Aubin’s customers?

“Aubin has been established in the Middle East for more than 20 years and has built a large network and portfolio of clients.

“While the Middle East is a new base for Italmatch oil and gas, we’re investing heavily in Saudi Arabia by building a huge Phosphorus complex. This adds significant value to our growing portfolio and Aubin’s existing one as we will have a facility where base chemistries are manufactured and then suitable chemical solutions are formulated so it's ready to use, under one roof, this is rare for customers within this region.

“Previously, companies would source most specialty chemicals outside the region from multiple sources, facing many challenges related to quality, technical support and continuity. Customers don’t want to scatter between many companies as it complicates processes and risks operation sustainability. They prefer to deal with a short list or one source that has the right products, technical resources and excellent services to fix their issues. Aubin’s customers will particularly benefit as we are bringing everything together, providing the most cost effective solutions with a more sustainable supply chain.”

Are there any increased capabilities or new opportunities as a result of the acquisition?

“There’s a much larger portfolio now with incredible increases in R&D services. We’ve dramatically increased our capabilities in offering a tailor made solution for customers. If they have a problem related to oil and gas for example, we can study this alongside them and create the raw materials required, right through to the formulation so it's fit for purpose. There’s much more bespoke solutions available now, which is imperative the more we look towards sustainability and lowering ESG risks.”

Saud added: “Overall, this acquisition strongly benefits both companies, bringing in a wealth of knowledge for our customers while making our chemical solutions more bespoke and cost effective. Both Italmatch and Aubin teams have integrated together quickly, and I’m looking forward to continuing working as one united team, becoming a single source for our customers and bringing them insightful knowledge, impactful chemistry and revolutionary solutions.”