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Acid Corrosion Inhibitors

Protect downhole equipment and tubulars from corrosive environments


Our acid corrosion inhibitor technology has been designed to give you the ultimate protection to enable effective acid stimulation.

Not only will you prevent damage to downhole equipment, tubulars and surfaces, you will also maximise your asset's longevity and reduce operational costs.

Our experienced team, combined with our state-of-the-art laboratories and production facilities in Scotland, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia enables us to develop and test solutions for our clients across the world.

Aubin's stimulation acid inhibitor (SAI) product portfolio

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Corrosion Inhibitors:

  • SAI-237
  • SAI-310
  • SAI-311

Organic Acid Corrosion Inhibitors:

  • SAI-241
  • SAI-242

Benefits of our SAI products:

Our SAI products are capable of effective low temperature and high temperature corrosion inhibition, in typical stimulation scenarios.

Every product in this portfolio is compatible with Aubin’s acid stimulation additives suite including: iron control agents, H2S scavengers, non-emulsifiers, surface tension reducers, and more.

We also have formulations of viscoelastic surfactant-compatible corrosion inhibitors.

All corrosion inhibitors are formulated without propargyl alcohol, heavy metal salts and aromatic solvents.

SAI-236/241/242 are compliant with REACH.


  • Useful for 15% HCl regular acid and up to 28 % HCl in VES and emulsion systems. Only CI type that is “intensifier-less” up to 300ᵒF (N80 steel, 15 % HCl)
  • Compatible with SSGA-03 and SSGA-05 VES systems
  • Compatible with SAE-05 Acid Emulsion system
  • HCl corrosion inhibitor, useful for 28% and is free from alkyl phenols, aromatic solvents, heavy metals and acetylenic alcohols
  • Provides corrosion protection up to 300˚F without the need for external intensifiers
  • Is compatible with most intensifiers, for extending contact times at high temperatures.
  • HCl corrosion inhibition, useful for 15 & 28% HCl up to 300ᵒF on most steel types.
  • Functions up to 200ᵒF and can be extended to 300ᵒF with the addition of SAI-02 intensifier.
  • Is effective in hydrochloric acid concentrations up to 28 %
  • Is effective up to 230 ̊F but this can be extended to 300 ̊F through the use of SAI-02 intensifier.
  • Organic acid corrosion inhibitor effective up to 300ᵒF, with no external intensifier.
  • Only corrosion inhibitor available for high temperature (>200ᵒF) inhibition of formic acid corrosion.
  • Acetic acid corrosion inhibitor effective up to 300ᵒF, with no external intensifier. Low temperature formic acid corrosion inhibitor.


Our acid corrosion inhibitors have already been sold to clients in the following countries: Pakistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Kuwait, Algeria, Libya, Chad and Oman.

Testing procedure

Chandler 5617 corrosion test autoclave:

  • 2000 psi pressure
  • Dynamic (not static) testing
  • Test times not inclusive of heat up/cool down durations

Steels tested:

  • N80 carbon (low alloy) steel, 6.5 mL/cm2
  • P110 alloy steel, 3.5 mL/cm2
  • QT900 coil tubing steel, 4 mL/cm2


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