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A highly effective temporary gel plug that enables you to isolate zones in the well



Pressure retaining temporary isolation plug
Can be applied in temperatures up to 350°F
Compatible in high salinity environments
Easy to prepare and pump
Can be chemically broken and back flowed
Non-formation damaging
Cost effective, simplistic application


Whether you require zonal isolation or a temporary blocking plug, AXI-Zone can help.

AXI-Zone's simplistic design enables you to maintain pressure control or achieve temporary isolation with ease. This is a pumpable gel that becomes rigid within the well, forming a tight and reliable plug.

It is delivered as two components - a base and a retarder. Both are easily mixed using standard equipment, before being pumped into place either via coiled tubing or bullheading.

The retarder dosage can easily be adjusted to suit the delay in setting required.


AXI-Zone operates between 180 – 350°F

A positive pressure test can be applied to AXI-Zone to ensure pressure control will be maintained.

There is good reproducibility between lab tests and field results, so you can be confident AXI-Zone will set in desired time.

AXI-Zone is easily removed using our non-corrosive breaker Easy Acid. This can be done by application with coiled tubing or bullheaded straight onto AXI-Zone.

AXI-Zone is a chemical gel solution, rather than mechanical or cement. It is much simpler and less time consuming to deploy and remove than mechanical or cement solutions.

AXI-Zone is a thermally controlled reaction and will only begin to set once under well conditions.

Proven results

A client in the Middle East approached Aubin requesting a solution to maintain pressure control whilst replacing a leaking valve on the wellhead.

Aubin’s AXI-Zone successfully formed a temporary plug, maintaining pressure control and allowing the wellhead to be quickly and safely repaired. Using this chemical technology meant that a workover rig was not required, providing an efficient and cost effective solution for the client.

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