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Looking to deliquify a well and maximise production as a result? Our superior range of Aubin® chemical foamers have been cleverly designed to effectively remove downhole fluid build up and bring old gas wells back online.

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Low cost and low risk
Significantly increases gas flow
Can be used continuously or in a batch treatment
Achieves results quickly
Delays plug and abandonment costs
Tailored to meet your specific needs
An environmentally friendly solution, with several products registered under the UK OCNS scheme


Gas well deliquification takes place when our chemical foamer is applied to the well, either continuously or via batch treatment. The foamer’s key ingredient of a surfactant creates the necessary amount of foam for the specific requirements and conditions, and is able to effectively unload the liquid from the well.

As the foam reaches higher depths, it expands and creates a greater lift - transferring less hydrostatic head to the material below and encouraging more material to keep flowing up. As a result, this unlocks the ability to restore and increase gas production at a low cost and with minimal disruption, even in challenging operating conditions.


In a project completed in South Africa using an Aubin® foamer, our customer had no usable infrastructure in place on their subsea well and the pressure of the well was completely depleted. They had to spend approximately $1m to install tubulars and nitrogen after the foamer was applied to provide additional gas to lift liquid (which is more expensive than our typical foaming treatment requirements).

Additionally, we supported the pre-qualification of our system, including tests that demonstrated impact on formation through supplying our chemical for third party core flood experiments.

As a result, our customer achieved a huge return on investment of over $15M dollars in recovered hydrocarbon from a previously dead well.


The benefits of chemical foamers, and how best to use them to maximise production


The benefits of chemical foamers, and how best to use them to maximise production
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How to use chemical foamers to bring old gas wells back online


How to use chemical foamers to bring old gas wells back online
Learn more


Our core range of foamers have been carefully designed to deliquify a well under a number of conditions, with each variation of foamer suitable for different requirements…

  • Aubin® SFA-03, Aubin® SFA-04, Aubin®SFA-05 and Aubin® SFA-06
    • Water depleted gas wells for temperatures of up to 100°C

    • Low or high salinity levels

    • Can be applied either in batches or continuously

    • Each have different dosage requirements

  • Aubin® SFA-07
    • A higher performance foaming agent

    • Can be applied in temperatures of up to 170°C

    • More effective in a higher condensate cut

  • Aubin® SFA-10
    • Our newest foaming agent

    • Dosage varies between 3,000 – 80,000ppm depending on the application

    • Low and high salinity wells

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Foamers are significantly cheaper than mechanical lifts and other alternative solutions to deliquification, with no risk of integrity issues or worsening the conditions of the well - even in the rare circumstance that they don’t work.

To reduce the cost of downtime, our chemical foamers work extremely fast and make it very easy to determine whether or not the treatment has been successful - allowing you to bring your well back online with minimal delays.

By effectively removing fluid build-up, foamers also have the ability to maximise production and extend the lifespan of older wells which in turn delays the associated costs of plugging and abandonment activity.

Our chemical foamers also provide a versatile solution to deliquification, as they can either be injected continuously into the well, or applied in batch treatments, depending on the specific conditions and initial testing.

In both applications, our foamers have a proven track record in removing fluid build-up and enhancing production as a result, with a high success rate in drastically increasing gas flow for a number of clients.

There are 6 chemical foamers within the Aubin® range, each of which can be tweaked and tailored to ensure effective results in varying levels of condensate, salinity or temperature of wells, with the ability to work at high temperatures and condensate loading.

Following extensive research and development, many of our chemical foamer products are now registered under the UK OCNS scheme, with excellent environmental ratings to provide a greener solution to deliquifying a well.

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Callum Scullion

Global Technical Development Manager, Well Services

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