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Separator gels

Our separator gels can be used to remove all hydrocarbon from the pipeline

Pipelines coming to the end of their life need to be cleaned to remove any hydrocarbon before decommissioning.

Aubin’s separator gels are ideal to use as a barrier ahead of a seawater flush to ensure all hydrocarbon is removed from the pipeline without using any more seawater than is required. Aubin's Gel 33 and PetroGel SP offer clear benefits; minimizing the quantity of waste needing to be managed at the end of the pipe.

Gel 33 and PetroGel SP take common pipeline fluids such as water, glycol or diesel and chemically organise them to have a three-dimensional cross-linked network.

This gives the liquid a semi-solid state with a handy benefit being that a slug of a separator gel will move through a pipeline as a plug or pig, rather than flowing like a liquid. A separator gel therefore has all the separation benefits of a solid pig but without the requirement for a pig launcher or receiver – it can simply be pumped in and out of the line.

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Adam Brown

Technical Sales Manager, Global Pipeline Business

Omar Raafat

Regional Sales Manager, MEA Oil & Gas

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