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Our proactive philosophy is underpinned by our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) policy and our integrated management system.

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Our health, safety, environment and quality team are dedicated to ensuring that Aubin adhere to regulations and policies for protecting staff, assets and the environment.

The health and safety of our employees, and others who may be affected by our company's activities, is at the heart of our business success. Rest assured that all our products are designed to be environmentally responsible and as safe as possible. HSEQ is of paramount importance and integral to all that we do at Aubin. Certified to ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001, we strive to achieve continuous improvement of Aubin's health and safety, environmental and quality performance.

Key Contacts

Adam Brown

Technical Sales Manager, Global Pipeline Business

Scott Miller

Sales & Marketing Manager, International Oil & Gas

The health and welfare of people, the safety of establishments and facilities are priority objectives of Aubin and inspire all actions in respect of its employees, suppliers, customers, partners and third parties involved in business activities.

Scott Miller - CEO of Aubin Group and Sales and Marketing Director International Oil & Gas at Italmatch Chemicals

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At Italmatch, our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) policy and our integrated management system is integral to our success.

If you would like more information or to discuss our HSEQ policy further, please fill out this form and a member of our team will get back in touch.

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