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Renewables technology

Applying tried and tested environmentally friendly solutions in new and innovative ways.


At Aubin, we are continually looking for new and alternative ways to support the move towards net-zero energy. The team are excited to be researching and developing innovative solutions which will help to support the delivery of offshore renewable projects.

Using our 30+ years of experience in oil and gas, we have successfully adapted our range of tried and tested technology to create a range of chemical products that meet the needs of the renewables sector - including our innovative grouting alternative, AXI-Gard.


AXI-Gard is Aubin’s patented technology developed to prevent corrosion on offshore wind turbines as an alternative to grout, particularly in bolted connections.

Originally deployed for other offshore applications, AXI-Gard is a non-conductive media, providing corrosion control typically in the annulus between the transition piece and the monopile.

It is deployed in splash zones where oxygen-rich seawater would otherwise cause a significant corrosion concern to the integrity of critical elements in the monopile.

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Grouting additives

Grout is an essential component to the structural integrity of the foundation of the offshore wind turbine.

We have used our experience from offshore oil and gas cementing to offer a range of high quality performance grouting additives.

We can supply a full suite of additives, including plasticisers, fluid loss control dispersants, extenders, accelerators, and defoamers.

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“I have found that Aubin provides solid professional advice. In addition, the team responds promptly and dynamically to changing project requirements.”

Martin Hardy​, FoundOcean

Design and testing

Understanding that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, we work closely with customers to help understand challenges and develop solutions.

With a wealth of experience working in the energy industry, our highly skilled chemists both adapt current technology and develop new solutions for customers in the renewables sector.

All products are tried and tested in our state-of-the-art laboratory before being used by our customers across the globe.

Key Contacts

Kevin Lonie

Regional Sales Manager, Europe Oil & Gas

Emilia Davis

Area Sales Manager, Europe Oil & Gas


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