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A safe and effective way of correcting proppant placement during hydraulic fracturing operations

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Polymer gelling agents are used to ensure correct proppant placement during hydraulic fracturing operations. They provide increased viscosity to the fracturing fluid so that proppant is effectively carried into the fracture, rather than dropping out elsewhere in the well.

Aubin offers a range of Guar, CMHPG and HPG polymer gelling agents; FWG-10, FWG-20 and FWG-30.

These polymers are dry powders that hydrate when mixed in water to form viscous linear gels to carry proppant downhole. Using chemically modified guars such as HPG and CMPHG increases the temperature stability of the gel whilst also reducing the level of insoluble residue, reducing the risk of formation damage after the fracturing operation is complete.

The range can also be supplied in a non-toxic liquid form for accurate metering and improved efficiency during the blending phase.

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Emilia Davis

Area Sales Manager, Europe Oil & Gas

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Regional Sales Manager, MEA Oil & Gas


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