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Aubin® RESOLV 260

Our low viscosity pumpable fluid offers an innovative solution to temporary plugging that is both easy to deploy and straightforward to remove.

WHY USE Aubin® RESOLV 260:

Easy to mix and deploy with no need for expensive, specialised equipment
Compatible with other Well Intervention technologies
Once placed in well and under hydrostatic pressure the low viscosity fluid becomes a compliant solid gel plug
The plug is energised to form a seal which can mould and stretch with tubulars for optimum flexibility
Effectively plugs cracks and holes in cement plugs, or can be used as a standalone solution for wellbore and annulus
Provides temporary remediation of leak pathways to enable safe decommissioning or maintenance
Straightforward to remove using chemical treatments


Aubin® Resolv 260 has been cleverly designed in conjunction with BP and OGTC to overcome the challenge of remediating sustained casing pressure leaks.

Initially, it is a low viscosity fluid which can be pumped through narrow-bore well intervention equipment with minimal friction and pressure drop. It uses a 3-part system, consisting of a high-density base fluid, a dispersible gelling agent as an activator and a gelation accelerating agent as a buffer.

Once pumped into the wellbore, the fluid reacts over time to form a seal under hydrostatic pressure and temperature, with a high density to prevent floating or displacement. This solid gel plug provides temporary remediation of wellbore or annulus leaks which can occur when cement plugs crack - ideal for wellhead workovers or when used as a base for permanent cement plugs.


Cement has been used for many years both during well construction and, in the form of plugs, during well decommissioning. The use of cement is understandable given the inherent strength and longevity properties afforded. However, a common misconception is that cement is permanent, but this can only be true if they’re positioned in a way that creates a very strong seal or bond to the casing, which is very difficult to do, especially if the casing or tubing is metal.

When a strong seal or bond has not been achieved, due to casing/ tubing integrity or through the movement or presence of gas / fluids during setting, this can result in a number of wells leaking methane and hydrocarbons into the atmosphere where cement plugs have inevitably cracked, which presents a huge safety and environmental concern. This is particularly prevalent as more operators look to decommission a number of wells, or conduct maintenance with a heavier focus on safety.

BP identified the scenario where there were leak pathways within the annulus, in cement plugs or in the metal casing itself, which they wanted to remediate. Although we have developed gel plugs in the past, to overcome this specific challenge the product needed to be low viscosity in order to be easily pumped into the desired area.


Alongside BP and OGTC we developed Aubin® Resolv 260 - a low viscosity pumpable fluid which reacts to form a gel after deployment. The gel then fills any gaps which may have formed in a cement plug or within the annulus or tubulars to seal off the well.

This gives operators the ability to pull the wellhead off and remove tubulars safely during the decommissioning phase or for ongoing maintenance and workovers, as leaking pathways have been plugged.

"Aubin® Resolv 260 may be used as a temporary gel plug to address the safety and environmental challenges of hydrocarbon / gas release from leaking cement, cement plugs, wellbore tubing and annulus. The low viscosity of fluid makes Aubin® Resolv 260 suitable for either, bullheading from surface, or for deployment via coil tubing, removing cost and complexity compared with other remedial solutions."

Marc Archibald - Global Technical Development Manager

Frequently asked questions

Operators, well service companies or chemical management service providers in the oil and gas industry, who are planning well intervention or workover in wells they are still producing from, or are looking to start the process of decommissioning, where there is evidence or risk of hydrocarbon or gas leak pathways.

Alternative solutions for addressing leaking or failed cement include replacement of the leaking plug, placement of an additional plug, or placement of a sealant behind casing or within the leak pathways. Plug replacement will require milling / removal of the leaking plug and a repeat of the cementing process to place a new plug. An additional plug can be introduced through the use of mixed metal to form an alloy plug in the tubular above a cement plug. Squeeze cementing uses sealant (cement slurry or polymer resin) placed behind casing to provide a barrier to or within the leak pathway but requires perforation of the casing.

While these may all offer an effective solution in many cases, these are in most cases a more permanent fixture, require expensive, specialised equipment to deploy, and are harder to remove.

Aubin® Resolv 260 provides the flexibility of easy removal through chemical intervention Using Aubin® Resolv 260 removes cost and complexity with the low viscosity of the fluid making it suitable for either, bullheading from surface,or for deployment via coil tubing.

Aubin® Resolv 260 is a heavy weighted brine and as a result will fall through gravity, bypassing any restrictions in the well. Deployment is therefore quicker, and less costly, as tubing access, and possible tool retrieval, are not required in the same way as would be needed for other remediation methods, where perforation or milling may be required, but may not be possible, depending on the restrictions in play. Deployment of the polymer type alternatives may be suitable for different applications but they are not low viscosity making deployment more difficult, particularly in coil tubing, for instance.

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Global Technical Development Manager for Well Technology P&A

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