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Control the formation of emulsions in your acids, drilling fluids and brines

Emulsions can form downhole between the reservoirs hydrocarbons and water based drilling fluids to block the wellbore. Using Aubin non-emulsifiers will ensure that your wells can operate at maximum production after cleanup.

Insoluble sludge deposits are formed by some crude oils when contacted with acids or completion fluids, and partial or even complete plugging of a producing zone may occur. Our non-emulsifier SS-930 is a blend of surfactants used in acids to prevent the formation of emulsions during acid treatments and our SNE-20 is a non-ionic surfactant blend that is added to an aqueous phase to prevent the formation of emulsions during acidizing treatments.

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Kevin Lonie

Regional Sales Manager, Europe Oil & Gas

Omar Raafat

Regional Sales Manager, MEA Oil & Gas

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