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A permanent sealing and grouting elastomer, designed to create a robust barrier and prevent material discharge or water ingress.


Benefits of AXI-Lokk

Adaptable formulation allowing varying density
Variable working and curing times across a range of temperatures
Creates an elastic plug once cured
Creates a robust barrier for decommissioning without leaks
Prevents material discharge and water ingress
Can be used in a variety of applications


Our sealing agent, AXI-Lokk, is a silicone elastomer that, once cured, provides a chemically inert plug, preventing leaking or ingress of materials into lines. AXI-Lokk has been successfully deployed to prevent potential seepage of hydrocarbons and hazardous materials during cutting and lifting operations.

AXI-Lokk is provided as a two-part liquid to solid system which is mixed and pumped on location. Being both hydrophobic and with the ability to vary the final product density, means AXI-Lokk provides additional operational options during deployment. The AXI-Lokk material can be used to disperse liquid ahead of it, efficiently filling cavities and grooves in the line or vessel into which it is pumped. This allows for the material of a greater density to be filled bottom up, sweeping any fluid ahead of it, or conversely, a lighter material can be used to displace liquids down ensuring full bore fills. Based on the final cure time, typically 24-48 hours, AXI-Lokk will solidify and create a tight, permanent solid plug within the line or void which allows for safe abandonment or removal.


An operator made the decision to remove an FPSO in the North Sea and decommission the associated infrastructure. A scope of work within this decommissioning project was the cutting of the subsea riser.

The Aubin team proposed AXI-Lokk to provide a robust barrier. The product managed to fill every single groove, creating a very reliable seal and ensuring no hydrocarbons were released.

The client was extremely happy with the end result, and subsequently the operator managed to efficiently and safely cut the riser.

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AXI-Lokk can be used in a variety of applications including grouting, leakage prevention, and sealing clamps and cables.

AXI-Lokk is chemically resistant to most common oilfield fluids and may be used once cured in the temperature range of -50 - 250°C.

This product is supplied as a 2-part liquid mix, whereby the activator is added into a base. Mixing these two components initiates a cross-linking reaction eventually causing the product to solidify into an elastic plug.

Curing times can be altered in the development stage to meet the specific project requirements.

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Key Contacts

Adam Brown

Technical Sales Manager, Global Pipeline Business

Omar Raafat

Regional Sales Manager, MEA Oil & Gas


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