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Protect assets from corrosion and maintain fracturing fluid performance

Our liquid and solid biocides BW-01 through to BW-05 are effective at killing and controlling a range of bacteria, to give you more control over what is happening to your formations, structures and tools in the wellbore.

Our portfolio includes typical chemistries of glutaraldehyde, quaternary amines, THPS and DBNPA to provide effective control of different bacteria types in fracturing fluids. 

BW-01 is a fast-killing bactericide used to control or prevent growth of microorganisms. The product is an effective oilfield biocide for control of sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) and general hetrotrophic bacteria (GHB). BW-01 helps prevent bacteria degradation which can break down gelled water-based fracturing fluids.

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Kevin Lonie

Regional Sales Manager, Europe Oil & Gas

Omar Raafat

Regional Sales Manager, MEA Oil & Gas

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