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A range of innovative elastomeric pigs that enable you to effectively maintain "unpiggable" pipelines



Can effectively navigate bends and sharp corners
Expensive pig launching facilities are not required
Can travel through diameter reductions of up to half their size
Can pig all pipelines, including subsea flow lines and flexible risers
They won't get stuck in your line


Using shape memory technology, our EVO-Pigs can compress to half their original size to travel through long stretches of pipeline of varying diameters.

Our series of products can negotiate short radius bends of 1.5D with the ability to regain their original shape. And unlike foam pigs, the mechanical properties of EVO-Pigs do not change when the diameter changes.


  • Complex pipeline, with varying diameters or bends

  • Build-up of debris in pipeline

  • Water or oil that needs to be removed from pipeline

  • No launching and receiving facilities

  • Previous issues with mechanical or foam pigs


  • Pig pipelines that you couldn't pig before

  • Quickly, easily and safely deploy pigs without the need for launching facilities

  • Increase flow of hydrocarbons by effectively removing debris

  • Effectively conduct pipeline cleaning for pre-commissioning or decommissioning

  • Easily conduct regular pigging to ensure the integrity of your pipeline, by removing water, oil and other contaminants

  • Execute pipeline inspections without any issues

  • Avoid common problems associated with traditional pigging methods

Frequently Asked Questions

The longest run an EVO-Pig has ever travelled is 109km.

The EVO-Pig LG has been tested up to 350 bar, and the EVO-Pig XT has been tested up to 446 bar.

EVO-Pigs can operate between -25°C and 140°C.

The largest diameter of EVO-Pig ever made is 30".

EVO-Pigs can be propelled through the pipeline by gas or liquids, and do not require pig launchers or receivers.

An EVO-Pig is completely solid, making it essentially incompressible. A foam pig contains air inside, so will compress at high pressure. Foam pigs can scrape the walls of the pipeline, but EVO-Pig will not.

EVO-Pigs are normally cast and delivered in customised canisters, made to bolt onto any available flange for ease of installation.

We design the canister accordingly to match the requirements of the client's input location.

Discover our 3 EVO-Pig products

Learn more about our full EVO-Pig range by viewing our technical datasheet.

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  • Develop a customised pigging solution for your company

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