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Surface tension reducers

A surface active agent used in acids, brines and water-based fluids

Aubin's surface tension reducers are surfactants which are used in stimulation jobs worldwide, and adjusted to individual job requirements. Our team developed SS-920, a surface active agent used in acids, brines and water based fluids.

The reduction of capillary pressures between stimulation fluids and the producing fluids in the formation results in a rapid clean up after stimulation, and a lowering of the aqueous phase saturation in the rock. This contributes to a higher relative permeability to the producing phase. If additional non-emulsifiers or anti-sludge agents are included in the treating fluid, the surface tension will be slightly higher than with SS-920 alone.

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Kevin Lonie

Regional Sales Manager, Europe Oil & Gas

Omar Raafat

Regional Sales Manager, MEA Oil & Gas

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