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Pumpable Buoyancy to provide controlled, adjustable lift up to 3,000m under water

Aubin has a developed three pumpable buoyancy products, DeepFloat, LiquiBuoy and DeepBuoy. When pumped into an annulus, it reduces an object’s mass in water, making it easier for cranes, divers and ROVs to lift. Offering a solution to the challenges of ultra-deepwater lifting by providing a pumpable and incompressible alternative for subsea operations requiring buoyancy.

Aubin’s patented pumpable buoyancy products can be pumped to fill objects of simple or irregular shape, unlike syntactic foam buoyancy. The low-density, incompressible, liquid materials offer buoyancy consistent with depth, unlike other products which have reduced buoyancy as they go deeper.

The buoyant liquid can be poured or pumped to fill any void and can generate close to a pound-for-pound lift with an entirely scalable performance able to lift any mass up to 3,00 metres depth.

LiquiBuoy and DeepBuoy offer precise and controlled lift compared to commonly used air bags, bringing an important safety benefit over the notoriously dangerous and difficult to control air bags. Unlike air bags, our liquid buoyancy is non-compressible so has the same lift regardless of depth in the water column, offering safe, controlled lifts.

Pumpable buoyancy is the solution for:

  • Irregular shaped objects prohibit use of syntactic buoyancy.
  • Applications where there are concerns over the safety of airbags.
  • Lifting operations at depths of 3000m without loss of buoyancy.
  • A more cost efficient lifting operation compared to using offshore crane vessels

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Scott Miller

Sales & Marketing Manager, International Oil & Gas

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