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Fluid Loss Additives

Aubin® fluid loss additives play a key role in ensuring that your cement slurries do not lose fluid, ensuring reliable performance of hardened cement during well construction.



Aubin®'s Fluid Loss Additive range includes powder products CFL-122, CFL-400, CFL-401, CFL-550, CFL-575 and CFL-585, and our latest addition CFL-600L which is a liquid. Our team has tested and developed our fluid loss additives from our state of the art well services laboratory in the UK.

Effective cement slurry design involves the careful balance of important properties, one of which is water content. Loss of fluid from a cement slurry can have serious effects on cement placement as well as the final integrity of the hardened cement. When a fluid loss additive is included in a cement slurry design, it will help maintain desired characteristics and properties such as rheology, thickening time, density and compressive strength.


A fundamental component of cement slurries is water – the final “set” material depends on reaction of water with the dry ingredients in what is called “hydration” of the cement.

During well construction, the formation acts like a big sieve, where the cement slurry is placed under a lot of pressure – this can result in a loss of water and prevent reliable hydration of the cement occurring.


Fluid loss additives prevent loss of water from the cement slurry through several mechanisms: two being (i) reducing mobility of the water molecules (ii) binding to the cement particle surfaces, promoting adsorption of water onto the cement surface, which makes it less available to be squeezed into the formation.

This results in the cement setting in a reliable manner, reducing risks of failure during well construction.

Discover our range of fluid loss additives

Aubin® CFL-600L is our newest liquid fluid loss additive that can work up to high temperatures (tested to 200 °C/400 °F). Being a liquid, it is easy to use in dosing systems popular in some challenging environments. The additive has fantastic compatibility with a range of retarders and dispersants, making this an excellent tool for solving the many challenges associated with well construction.

  • Cost-effective
  • Ease of use
  • High temperature performance up to 400°F
  • Adaptive to a range of conditions and surfaces
  • Compatible with a range of synthetic retarders and dispersants

“I have been lucky to work on constantly improving our Aubin® cement fluid loss range with customers for over a decade, building on several decades of success before that. Our most recent development, Aubin® CFL-600L, promises to be a big boost to our range, particularly for service companies that would benefit from using liquid cementing additives. We are still looking other challenges that our customers face and will continue to look for developments in our new Centre of Excellence that opens in September 2023.”

Callum Scullion - Global Technical Development Manager at Italmatch Chemicals

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