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A plant-based gel that prevents corrosion on offshore platforms and wind turbines.



One of the main problems faced within the renewables industry is the corrosion of monopile-transition piece connections. Traditionally grout has been used to prevent water ingress, however, across the industry businesses were finding that the grout would form micro-annuli and seawater would reach the bolted connections which would result in costly corrosion to the connections.


AXI-Gard is a plant-based solution that is used to prevent corrosion on both oil and gas platforms and wind turbines.

AXI-Gard is buoyant and thicker than seawater, with shear-thinning gel properties making it easy to place within monopile-transition piece connections. Under low shear conditions, the material forms a stable gel that will not readily bypass “grout seals”. If the seal allows water to ingress, the gel sits on top of the water to create a non-conductive and protected area around the bolted connection.

Compatible with a variety of seals, structural supports and other materials, AXI-Gard benefits from a faster installation, improved lifetime inspection and reduced waste during decommissioning .

Benefits of using AXI-Gard

Environmentally friendly
Faster pumping reduces vessel cost
Reduced CO2 emissions
Does not need curing
Applied by simply pumping into the annulus
Is compliant with structural movement
Compatible with a variety of seals and structural supports
Can be manufactured locally in UK, EU and USA

How this technology works:

AXI-Gard is a non-conductive media, which provides corrosion control, typically in the annulus between the transition piece and the monopile. Deployed in splash zones, where oxygen-rich seawater is a significant threat to the integrity of critical elements such as bolts in the monopile, the hydrophobic solution provides protection even if the grout seals fail.

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Key Contacts

Kevin Lonie

Regional Sales Manager, Europe Oil & Gas

Emilia Davis

Area Sales Manager, Europe Oil & Gas


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