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Successful hydraulic fracturing can increase the flow of oil or gas back to the surface, improving productivity.

Our complete range of additives has been designed to enhance hydraulic fracturing and to help make your fracturing operations effective and successful.

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Hydraulic fracturing involves pumping fluid downhole at high pressures to create fractures in the formation rock.

First, a “pad” is pumped downhole to initiate the fracture and stabilise well conditions to suit the upcoming fracture fluid. Following the pad, the fracturing fluid is pumped downhole with a variety of additives. Proppant (sand or ceramics) is viscosified in the fluid and placed into the fractures to prop them open.

Before the production phase, the fluid needs to break down and be brought back to the surface so it doesn’t impede the flow of hydrocarbons. A successful treatment increases the flow of oil or gas back to the surface, improving productivity.

Our range of hydraulic fracturing additives includes crosslinked gel fracturing, slick water fracturing and acid fracturing.

Aubin has launched a complete range of additives designed to enhance hydraulic fracturing - from friction reducers to cross-linkers, breakers, flowback surfactants and more to help make your fracturing operations effective and successful.


Crosslinked gels offer a way to efficiently increase viscosity and suspension characteristics of a fracturing fluid without the need to increase polymer concentration.

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Slickwater treatments involve pumping low viscosity water-based fluids at high rates into the formation, forming complex fractures in low permeability reservoirs.

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Acid fracturing is an effective stimulation technique in carbonate reservoirs that uses acid etching in place of proppant to form channels within the rock and improve production flow.

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Why choose Aubin's range of fracturing additives?

Each additive in our portfolio is fully compatible with one another, and can be combined reliably to perform to the best of their ability.

Our team of experts can recommend the most suitable products based on requirements, such as fluid types, viscosity and fluid economics. Additionally, Aubin conduct custom testing and provide technical assistance whenever required.

Our additives are manufactured and stored in the UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia, and can be delivered promptly across the globe.

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Regional Sales Manager, MEA Oil & Gas

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Area Sales Manager, Europe Oil & Gas


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