Aberdeen-headquartered Aubin Group, the leading developer and supplier of chemical solutions to the energy industry, has secured a two-year contract worth $5million to manufacture and supply fluid loss additives to a major drilling company in the Middle East.

Developed in-house by Aubin’s research and development team in Aberdeen, and manufactured in-country in Abu Dhabi, CFL-575 is a high temperature fluid loss additive that can be used in onshore and offshore wells, and is compatible with a wide range of cement types and additives.

Over the past five years, this product has rapidly been adopted across the region, with sales volume now exceeding 170,000kg per year, which is 14 times higher than in 2017.

Omar Raafat, MENA General Manager at Aubin Group, comments: “This contract win is very exciting for Aubin - it not only demonstrates the value this product can add to cementing jobs, it also highlights how universal it is as it continues to be adopted across the region. It’s a very agile product, and lots of clients are seeing success within a wide range of environments.

“We are now scaling up production of CFL-575 to meet this growing demand, and we are delighted to be doing this locally at our manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi.”

This product forms part of Aubin Group’s fluid loss additives portfolio of products, originally developed to meet the requirements of companies in the Middle East struggling to find a suitable product that performs at high temperatures.

Omar continues: “A fluid loss additive of this nature was missing in the market. We strived to develop a cost-effective fluid loss additive that could maintain performance at high temperatures, in both freshwater and brines. That’s what we achieved with CFL-575, and it’s fantastic to see the adoption of this product growing across the Middle East, with continued success.”

Aubin Group is a leading developer and supplier of chemical solutions to the energy sector globally, with particular expertise in well services, pipelines, renewables, decommissioning and waste management. Formed in 1986, the Group has offices in the UK and UAE with the headquarters and R&D centre based in Aberdeen.