So why exactly do we need chemical washes in our drilling and completion activities and why is selection so important? Soap is soap isn’t it, well not really.

The process starts when we consider how we ensure well integrity for the duration of the well’s lifetime. Correct selection and application of the chemical spacer wash can be the difference between a poor and an excellent cement bond log (CBL). A poor CBL and the Operator faces years of expensive remedial intervention.

Chemical washes remove debris or contaminates, dissolve and emulsify hydrocarbons in the drilling mud or fluid ahead of the well being cemented. Casing and tubing surfaces are left clean and water wet to bond with the cement to prevent communication.

During completion chemical wash is used to remove solids and mud residuals prior to running downhole tools, liners or expensive jewellery downhole. Inefficient cleaning can have a significant negative impact on downhole equipment reliability, longevity and well production performance.

It is well know that every well is different and drilling muds can vary depending on base fluids, chemical systems, rheological properties etc. Therefore, it’s critical to select the right chemical cleaner to do the job.

Aubin’s range of chemical washes are an essential component in well cementing and clean up designs across the world. A relatively minor investment that has a huge impact in well integrity. The team at Aubin has developed an extensive range of chemical wash cleaners used across the globe. They are tested in its laboratory facility in the United Kingdom (UK) and manufactured in both the UK and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As with everything else in the industry, it is important that the environmental impact is considered when using chemicals. Selecting a product that is approved by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and other industry bodies such as the Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) can help to ensure the chemicals will be safe to handle and environmentally friendly in the area where they are being used.

With locations around the world, the company has amassed 15 years of expertise in developing chemicals for wellbore clean-up after developing its first product, the CW12 chemical wash. Aubin has since developed a range that is compatible, has multiple uses and can solve many of the industry’s requirements.

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