Wellbore cleanup is the essential link between drilling operations and the completion of your well. Once a well has been drilled, it is essential to prepare it properly in advance of cementing and casing insertion.

Cleaning your wellbore can involve the removal of all manner of debris and mud residues that can interfere with the optimal efficiency of your well and it’s important to ensure you don’t damage the well’s integrity in the process.

A thorough cleanout of your wellbore at the outset will be well worth the effort. It can assist in setting and retrieving downhole tools. But, more importantly, it can help maintain a trouble-free completion, optimise productivity and reduce the amount of money wasted in non-productive time and workover delays.

So, investing in a thorough wellbore clean up solution at the outset can save you significant time and money later on.

Moreover, cleaning up your wellbore using environmentally friendly products can eliminate the potential for fluid contamination downhole and avoid a serious threat to the surrounding environment.

The Aubin solution

We’ve developed a range of environmentally friendly wellbore clean-up products that can effectively clean up mud residues, improve productivity and help clean, protect and prepare your well.

Our CW-12, CW-20 and CW-80 chemical washes are made up from synergistic blends of surfactant/solvent that are used as a cleaner in a number of different applications.

They are deployed for casing cleaning, rig washing, pit cleaning and the removal of oil-based drilling fluid residues from equipment, They can also be used as a pre-flush ahead of a weighted spacer.

Our wellbore cleanup products were designed to dissolve and emulsify hydrocarbon fractions of mud residues so that your well is ready and prepared for cementing or optimised for completion. They are highly effective in divalent brines, and can be applied with polymer viscosifiers to modify rheology.

What’s more, our wellbore clean-up products CW-20, CW-12 and CW-80 are tested in our lab, manufactured in UK and UAE and have been proven to work effectively in fields all over the world.

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