On 11th and 12th May 2022, the Aubin team visited Glasgow to attend and exhibit at the All-Energy Exhibition and Conference. As Europe’s largest free-to-attend conference, All-Energy brings together over 250 exhibitors from around the world within the renewables sector, offering a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and network with stakeholders in the industry.

We caught up with Emilia Davis, our Business Development Executive who attended the event, to find out the insights her and the team took from the conference…

What were the key themes of the event?

“Decarbonisation of the oil and gas industry was a huge talking point at the conference and how we are going to achieve the target set by the UK government of decarbonising our power system by 2035. Different ways we can achieve net zero targets were also discussed in depth across a wide sector of energy, including offshore wind, tidal power, solar power, hydrogen and bioenergy.

“The energy sector is undergoing a large transition, which naturally brought up a lot of conversations around how these significant changes can be managed effectively. Over the two days, there were many conversations around balancing the opportunities and challenges of transitioning to renewable energy. The benefits include improved energy security and greenhouse gas reduction, however, challenges around relying on intermittent renewables only need to be addressed, along with community engagement and local skills growth for Scotland.”

What were your biggest lessons learned from the conference?

“I think the most valuable lesson was that there is not just one technology or energy sector that will take us to net zero. We need to consider all potential sources of energy and how we can bring those to a commercial scale.”

Did anything make you feel excited or passionate at the event?

“It was great to see so many UK SMEs present at the conference showcasing their technologies and ideas. There are a huge breadth of technologies almost ready to be implemented and utilised to help us get to our net zero goals which was really impressive to see. It definitely feels like an exciting time in the industry.”

Was your presentation well received? Can you provide a summary of what you covered?

“The presentation focussed on several key offshore wind industry challenges and the technologies that Aubin have developed to help our customers save time and cost. The topics covered included:

  • Insights into to a novel “Liquid Anchor” solution Aubin is developing for floating wind, which significantly improves installability of anchors

  • Insights into a corrosion mitigation solution Aubin has developed for monopile transition pieces - AXI-Gard

“We were delighted to receive great feedback for our presentations on both days, and a real willingness to listen to our technologies and capabilities. A representative from a local developer approached me after the presentation and said that our product, AXI-Gard, is a technology they think would help them immensely on upcoming projects, which was fantastic to hear.

“There was also a lot of interest around the Liquid Anchor and some great conversations around the anchor fluid, our pumpable ballast material - LiquiDense - for a number of projects.” 

What are the top 3 insights you gained that will help you drive Aubin's renewables division forward?

“There is a real willingness within the industry to consider new technologies and disrupt existing methodologies, especially if they offer an easier or lower-cost way of doing things.

“The importance of driving a cleaner environment and lowering our CO2 footprint is a clear focus for the industry.

“Local content is actively encouraged within the industry to not only support the local economy but help reduce CO2 footprint through reduction is shipping.”