This is the first cement additive launched under the Aubin® brand since Italmatch’s acquisition of Aubin in 2022 and demonstrates how this relationship continues to support existing customers, while also enabling the company to innovate and address unmet needs in oilfield cementing.

During well construction, cement slurries can be placed under significant pressure due to their depth and the weight of fluid above the cement column; this can result in a loss of water and prevent reliable hydration of the cement occurring - a key stage in forming a reliable cement plug. Aubin® CFL-600L helps prevent water loss by slowing down water mobility and by increasing the attraction between water molecules and cement particles (i.e. enhancing water adsorption on the cement surface to reduce relative attraction to the formation). Aubin® CFL-600L has been qualified up to 200 °C (400 °F), providing a high quality, reliable, high temperature fluid loss additive.

Excited about the prospect of Aubin® CFL-600L and how this will help Italmatch’s customers, Global Technical Development Manager, Dr Callum Scullion, said: “Our newest fluid loss additive addresses common challenges that are faced by our customers around the world. Firstly it is cost effective, but it is also simple to handle in challenging environments where powders can be less efficient. It is compatible with a range of synthetic retarders and dispersants, and it is able to achieve high levels of fluid loss control up to at least 400°F, which we have qualified in our UK cement lab on API Class G cement. We’re proud to have developed this innovative cement retarder as part of the Italmatch group, with support from new colleagues globally."

Italmatch Chemicals has specialised in performance additives and solutions since its launch in 1997, and has acquired a multitude of developers and suppliers to establish its position as a leading global chemical group and the partner of choice for speciality chemicals.

The range of fluid loss additive solutions, including Aubin® CFL-600L, is being adopted by a range of service companies in Europe and the Middle East, and we have growing interest in other parts of the world, where we can also manufacture and provide customer support. To find out more, visit: