Corrosion inhibitors are the most crucial additive of any stimulation operation, preventing damage to downhole equipment, tubulars and surfaces while simultaneously maximising your asset’s longevity and reducing operational costs.

Ewen Taylor, Senior Product Development Chemist here at Aubin, has been working hard in the lab over the past 9 months to develop two brand new corrosion inhibitors, to further enhance our portfolio. This includes a product suited to high temperatures, for which we have recently received our first order of 40 drums, which is very exciting.

In this Q&A style blog post, Ewen shares insights into the development process, technical information about the two newly developed products, as well as advice on selecting the best corrosion inhibitor for your acid stimulation operation.

Why have you been developing Aubin’s corrosion inhibitor range?

“We have had a lot of success with our standard corrosion inhibitor over many years, with a high volume of orders being sent out across the globe. However, we always maintain an appetite to expand and strengthen our offering to develop our suite of products to cover a variety of scenarios and conditions.

“Corrosion inhibitors are difficult to get right, and the development process can be lengthy. It can take up to nine months to develop something for a client’s requirements. Therefore, we work closely with our customers to anticipate new challenges and strengthen our offering by having a suite of off-the-shelf products that are ready to go as and when our clients need them.”

Tell us about the newly developed high temperature corrosion inhibitor...

“One of our clients approached us after winning acid stimulation work which required tubulars to be protected in hot conditions and over extended time periods. This was outside the performance envelope of our standard acid corrosion inhibitor.

“We therefore began a development project to formulate a newer version compatible with the predicted extreme operating conditions. Acid corrosion inhibitors are a complex blend of surface active chemicals which combine to form a protective film on the metal surface. Careful selection, formulation and testing is essential to ensure the required performance. Once we were satisfied with the new inhibitors performance we sent samples out to them, and they conducted the tests in their lab again. We were very pleased when the client confirmed similar performance to that which we had observed passing all their criteria. They placed a 40 drum order in September 2020, and have already placed another order this year, highlighting their satisfaction with the new product.

“This product took nine months to develop, but this was built upon at least 4-5 years of work, learning, mistakes, and failed tests. It takes time to get this right, and we’re delighted to have reached that point for SAI-237.

“I’m really happy with this new product - it has taken a lot of work and frustration over a long period of time, but that’s the nature of research.”

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What is the next product in the portfolio to be launched?

“In the next couple of months, we’ll be launching another acid corrosion inhibitor.

“Here are a few insights into this product’s capabilities:

  • Works up to 300°F without additional intensifiers
  • Compatible with suitable inhibitor intensifiers, for extending contact times
  • Readily dispersible whether added to concentrated HCl or dilution water
  • Free from nonylphenol surfactants, aromatic solvents, heavy metals and propargyl alcohol.

“We have just finalised our in-house testing in our lab, with the below results achieved. I’m delighted with these results, as it shows a product that is very capable at high temperatures, without the need for additional intensifiers.”

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 11.40.37

How do you select and recommend the best corrosion inhibitors for your clients?

“Our comprehensive acid stimulation additive portfolio ensures that we are in a strong position to help clients across a range of environments and operations.

“Typically, our clients will come to us with their requirements, for example, the period of time exposed on steel, temperatures, and so on. We review the requirements, and select a product from our portfolio we believe best suits their needs. The table below gives you an overview of where each product is most suited - this is a great starting point.

“We can conduct testing in our own lab, but we also send a sample to the client to do their own testing. If they are happy with performance, an order is placed.

“Our acid corrosion inhibitors are developed in our lab in the UK, however can be manufactured in-country - and at present we have manufacturing capability in the UAE,Saudi Arabia and are developing this capability in Kuwait.”

Product code

Acid Systems

Organic Acids

Hydrochloric acid

Low Temperature (< 250 F)

High Temperature (>250 F)

Enhanced Compatibility (VES, emulsion etc.)





If you’d like to learn more about our acid corrosion inhibitor portfolio, click the button below, or if you’d like to speak with Ewen or a member of our team, please enquire via the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.