Improve hydraulic fracturing performance

Aubin's track record at developing cross-linkers is seen across each area of our business. Our team has developed cross-linker additives for fracturing operations used to activate gel systems.

Aubin offer several crosslinking agents specifically designed to work with guar, HPG and CMHPG based fracturing fluids; FX-22, FX-23 & FX-24.

When cross-linking agents are added to linear gels, the result is a complex, high viscosity fracturing fluid that provides a much higher proppant transport performance than linear gels. Cross-linking reduces the need for fluid thickener and extends the viscous life of the fluid indefinitely. The fracturing fluid remains viscous until a breaking agent is introduced to break the cross-linker and, eventually, the polymer. Cross-linkers can considerably improve hydraulic fracturing performance, therefore increasing well production rates.

FX-22 has been rated by CEFAS as Gold, no substitution

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Business Development Manager

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Aubin Middle East General Manager


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