Debris Pick Up Gels

Our debris pick-up gels can safely lift and remove damaging loose solids from your pipeline

Solid debris in pipeline poses obvious risks – reduced transport of product due to reduced bore, erosion / corrosion threats and risk of blocking equipment such as gauges or valves. Removing solid debris from pipes is therefore an essential part of an integrity maintenance program.

Flushing with liquid can sometimes be enough to remove solid debris from lines but if there is a long vertical section of line, solids will inherently drop through the liquid column. High flow rate flushing can also be damaging to sensitive pipework since it will effectively erode the internal pipewall.

Aubin’s non-Newtonian Debris Pick-up Gels have the ability to lift loose solids such as sand from the pipewall and hold it in a viscous central core, transporting them from the line. This enables solids to be removed without risking of eroding the pipewall, bridging off a pig or catching fire.

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