Research & Development

Proven and Unique Development for your challenges 


The smart development and application of high-tech solutions is essential for the continued success of the energy industry. The spark of new ideas to ultimately transform the way we think and work is often found in unusual places. We believe each industry challenge provides the opportunity to discover something new, maximise production and minimise risk.


At the heart of our multi-disciplinary team is a creative collaboration of chemical expertise and chemical engineering focused on coming up with the right solution to individual issues. Listening intently and working closely with you is essential to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations by finding the best alternative quickly and efficiently. We place a non-negotiable importance on ensuring all of our products are developed to be environmentally responsible and adhere to industry safety regulations.


Our solutions capabilities span across our core business divisions, including integrity, pipelines, well services and subsea projects. We have a proven track record in providing solutions to maximise operational execution and minimise risk for a range of functions in the global oil and gas industry. We provide a complete, bespoke answer to any dilemma.

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