ensure that your slurry is pumped with the desired physical properties you need.

Our experienced team has developed a comprehensive package of liquid and powder cementing additives to ensure that your slurry is pumped with the desired physical properties you need. From surface casings to liners our admixtures ensure that:

  • Effective mud removal is achieved
  • Desired thickening times develop with a short transition period
  • Fluid loss control is achieved
  • Gas tight performance can be assured
  • Rheological properties are delivered
  • Reliability and quality is assured


New chemical technologies are continuously developed by our expert team to work across a variety of cement qualities, mix waters and densities to improve the quality of well construction. While working to American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended practices, our chemists work creatively to provide imaginative solutions to challenging problems. 


We operate the only independent cement and stimulation test centre in the UK. It is from this fully-equipped facility that, for decades, our talented team has been at the forefront of well services chemical development. To meet the demand for our products, we have taken their formulas and designs from our state-of-the-art facility in the UK for toll blending and supply within our UAE facility


For more than 25 years we have ensured that our additives have been deployed in the safe and efficient execution of cementing jobs worldwide.


Client testimonial"I worked with Aubin cement additives in fields of Middle East, India and Bangladesh, and can confidently say that they perform reliably and consistently."