Aubin’s range of acidizing additives have a robust reputation for successfully enhancing well productivity and protecting valuable tubulars during job execution.

Our full product range ensures that the acidizing additives in your treatment will be compatible and perform to their optimal ability.


On completion and over time, downhole well conditions can deteriorate, inhibiting oil and gas production. Our team of R&D chemists focusses on developing products with reduced environmental impact, increased safe handling properties and superior performance. We understand that having the right additives, available promptly, are key challenges of running successful acid stimulation jobs. Our additives are manufactured and stored in UK, UAE & Saudi Arabia to provide robust logistics and we operate the only independent cement and stimulation test centre in the UK.


Our experts are constantly working to expand Aubin's impressive portfolio. We are currently developing corrosion inhibitors which withstand extreme temperatures and high temperature single selective acid diverting additives capable of improving acid penetration and producing new wormholes in downhole temperatures up to 350°F. You can trust us to deliver excellence, protect downhole equipment and increase production rates from your well, avoiding costly mistakes in complex applications.