Oil Slop Breakers - Reducing Costs & Environmental Impact


Our clients in the oil and gas industry have a costly challenge with the way that drilling slops are treated and processed. Transporting slops is expensive and storing them takes up valuable deck space which can only be emptied from offshore sites and shipped if the weather conditions are suitable, making drilling setbacks a common and unavoidable problem.



Waste management is a necessity, making onshore and offshore transportation, and processing costs unavoidable for our clients until the introduction of Aubin's Oil Slop Breaker range.



Aubin has developed the ground-breaking new OSB range of chemicals that can significantly lower the environmental footprint of your waste management operations, whilst increasing oil recovery and reducing the costs associated with processing drilling fluid returns. The OSB range allow drilling slops to be treated at source, and are extremely effective, so much so that the slops are separated into distinct phases; oil for selling or re-use and water for re-injection or safe for discharge into the offshore environment.The OSB products offer an efficient alternative to mechanical slop treatment and are environmentally friendly against the highest OCNS rating.THE PERFORMANCE & RESULTS

Addition of our OSB products significantly reduces the emulsion content of slop materials. Able to separate the components into distinct phases at the well site, it removes the requirement for transportation and heating, whilst reducing the reliance on mechanical separation and enhancing performance of methods such as centrifuges and rotomills.


Use our OSB range in your waste management operations for the following advantages:


  • Removes requirement for costly transportation of high volumes
  • Allows water to be safely discharged
  • Avoids use of mechanical equipment and heat
  • Low concentrations can be used
  • Works in a variety of slops
  • Allows oil to be recycled and re-used or sold
  • Highest OCNS rating (CEFAS Gold No Sub) and REACH compliant materials

Remaining in the water phase, the OSB products allow oil to be recycled whilst maintaining extremely low oil in water content, for safe discharge overboard or re-injection.

A selection of our OSB products are green.

Use the OSB waste management range, for cost reducing, environmentally friendly slop treatment at source.